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Certificate in Construction Supervision STP Online

202 Oral and Written  Communication 
for Construction Supervisors

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Learning Objectives
Class Organization
Grading Policies
Textbook Information
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Both oral and written communication carry a deep impact on the people you work with and the situations under which you work.  Communication

Communication is multi faceted.  It includes nonverbal communication, body language, listening, inflection, and written communication.  Without quality skills in each of these categories you are putting yourself and your career at risk.  

This course is designed for you to become a more effective supervisor by becoming a more effective communicator.  The skills you learn within the course will be put to use right away!  

Here is a preview of what you can expect to get out of this course.


Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the different forms of communication
  • Understand how effective communications affect productivity.
  • Be able to effectively communicate within your company's communication system.
  • Be able to recognize and overcome barriers to communication.
  • Communicate with peers and supervisors effectively.
  • Harness the techniques of listening.
  • Apply your listening skills as a management method.
  • Control the nature and tempo of a conversation.
  • Learn to use questioning skills.
  • Learn how to use both open-ended and closed-ended questions 
  • Establish a negotiation strategy through which you will be able to reach commitment and agreement
  • Communicating with difficult people
  • Learn to communicate effectively with your crew
  • Deliver better, more precise working instructions.
  • Learn how to offer corrective feedback.
  • Develop useful writing skills
  • Learn to lead a successful meeting.
  • Understand why others have problems communicating with you.
  • Understand the basic functions and procedures of electronic communications.
  • Learn how to use the Internet and WWW for communications.
  • Be able to develop a plan for improving communications.


Class Organization

The following table lists the learning modules, the maximum value in points a student can receive within each module, and the time in which the modules must be finished.  Each week you will have online class discussions (15 points) and a quiz (10 points). 


Point Value  Week
0. Student Orientation   0
1.  Oral and Written Communication 25 1
2.  Supervisors as Effective Communicators 25 2
3.  Learn To Listen 25 3
4.  Carrying on conversations 25 4
5. Persuasion, negotiations and confrontation 25 5
6. Communicate with your crew 25 6
7. Put it in writing 25 7
8. Meetings that work 25 8
9. Electronic communications 25 9
10. Improving communications 25 10

Total Points


It is important that the student keep up with the class and not fall behind.   Course modules will be made available to students on Sunday of each week.  Class work must be completed by the following Sunday.  Students will not be able to work ahead of the class although reading assignments will be made available in advance. 


Student Learning Assessment (Grades)

Student GradesGraded assignments will consist of one quiz for each module and participation in at least two class discussions.  Students learn more and learn better when they discuss the topic at hand.  For that reason, I consider the regular weekly discussions to be even more important than the weekly quizzes.

Grades will be posted on a weekly basis.  You will have full access to your grade sheet so you will be able to keep track of how you are doing at all times.

Your overall grade in the course will be determined by the total number of points you have accumulated on quizzes and assignments.   The grading scale is as follows:

  • A  225 to 250 points

  • B  200 to 224 points

  • C  175 to 199 points

  • D 150 to 174 points

  • Anything less will be considered an F or an unauthorized withdrawal from the course.

You will be given more information about the grading and other course matters in the Orientation Module.

Assignments Points
10 Quizzes @ 10 pts each 100 
Participation 15 pts/ week  150
TOTAL   250 


Textbook Information

The textbook for this class is Unit 2, Oral and Written Communications (S), 5th Edition.

Textbook ordering information can be found at this link.

The cost of each textbook is approximately $155 plus shipping and handling.  If you order a used book be sure you are getting the correct edition.

Allow at least 5 working days between ordering the book and receiving it by the least expensive shipping.  Foreign students should allow at least 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. You can have your book delivered more quickly by paying more for the shipping.


Reading Ahead


Reading Assignment Start Date
0. Student Orientation None Optional/ Week 1
1. Effective Communication Read Unit 1 Week 1
2.  Supervisors as Effective Communicators Read Unit 2, Week 2
3.  Learn to Listen Read Unit 3 Week 3
4. Carrying on conversations Read Unit 4 Week 4
5. Persuasion, negotiations and confrontation Read Unit 5 Week 5
6. Communicate with your crew Read Unit 6 Week 6
7.  Put it in writing Read Unit 7 Week 7
8. Meetings that work Read Unit 8 Week 8
9. Electronic communications Read Unit 9 Week 9
10. Improving communications Read Unit 10 Week 10



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